Ten Dollar Tune Up

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hi Guys,

I'm back with another DIY Project. As I talked about previously in my last DIY post, I have the itch to redo my entire apartment, but don't have the extra money to change everything right now-- so I am trying to update the pieces I have.

When I moved into my apartment I was extremely grateful to have a very large walk-in closet ( it's my favorite room in my apartment) because of this, I knew I didn't need a large dresser so I decided to just buy a cheap one from Target. However, I got really tired of looking at how boring it was, and while I like white furniture it just felt flat against my white walls.

  When I was working at my previous job we had these really beautiful gold and acrylic pulls on our drawers and I thought how great gold pulls would look on my white drawers. I did some research and settled on these  ten dollar drawer pulls from Amazon.
Install was super easy- Just needed the right size bit for the power drill and a measuring tape to make sure the pulls were evenly spaced on the drawers.

Here is the before- the top drawer has the pencil markings where I started to measure

Here is the After

I am so impressed on how this 10 dollar project really changed the way my dresser looked. I think the gold accents made it look much more expensive and trendy-- like ones you would find at Pottery Barn or here!

Lesson Learned: A small change can have a big impact, now I'm wondering what else I can change!

Lots of Love,


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