The Best Workout if You Hate Working Out.

Monday, March 18, 2019


This app deserves to be talked about weekly, but because it means so much to me I am going to make it one of my first blog posts.  As a dancer, I was lucky enough to have fitness incorporated in my schooling and hobbies, and I never felt the need to workout unless I was cross training or healing from an injury. That being said- I DESPISE going to the gym, but I do love the feeling of getting a good workout in. The endorphins, the soreness, the boob sweat, I actually enjoy feeling like I pushed my body to its limit and hopefully that means it is getting stronger. However, I hate going to a gym where I feel like there is so much judgement-- or honestly that I can't workout in peace without getting eyeballed. I have tried group fitness classes like pure barre- however I didn't really feel like I was getting stronger, I felt like I was agitating my hips ( personal opinion, I know people who LOVE it and it works for them). I also tried BBG and while I love the short high intensity workouts, sometimes my joints would be screaming at me and I ended up having to modify the movements.

I basically stopped working out and my body reflected this. In college I danced a minimum of 8 hours a day and when I graduated I was still pretty active for the first couple years- cut to about 3 months ago where I was teaching dance here and there but really felt sluggish. I also felt  that I was loosing strength and definition in my body. One of my favorite bloggers posted about this app called Obé (pronounced like obey- stands for Our Body Electric) and I decided to check it out. You get your first week for free and then there is generally a coupon code for 30% off your first month-It's only about $30 a month so I decided why the heck not!
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After 3 workouts I was hooked. The workouts are 28 minutes long and so diverse- Sculpt, Strength, HIT, Power, Dance, Sweat, Yoga, Stretch, etc... I love the fact that you can schedule classes in the app- so it has the accountability of a group workout class. During the scheduled classes ,the instructors are live and doing it with you and even call out your name which creates a great since of togetherness and encourages you to push through the burn.  They also have an amazing and supportive Facebook group where the whole #Obéfam talks about their workouts and accomplishments. My schedule is wonky so luckily they have classes on replay which is like "on- demand" so I can do them at home anytime.  I do mostly all my classes on replay and I alternate classes during the week so I can focus on different parts of my body. My favorites are the Strength and Sculpt classes.

You really don't need anything for the workout except a screen to play the video and a mat, but if you want to #levelup you generally use 3-5 pound weights and a resistance band, they also use ankle weights, but I haven't felt the need to buy any of those yet.

I think what I love most is that they are fast and effective. Let me tell you, you feel the burn... The instructors are inspiring but not annoying (if you know.. you know) and there is so much diversity in the classes. One of my favorite things to do on a Friday night is to stream a restorative yoga class, which is basically a class to get your mind and body re-centered and balanced. I dim the lights, light a candle and make it some much needed "me" time after a long week.

I've been doing Obé for about a month and a half and I can already tell a difference- I can do like 12 real push-ups y'all! This is a big deal for me as I used to be #teamgirlpushupsforlife. I have really bad upper body strength and I have been focusing on strengthening this, as well as, getting my booty ready for summer, cause I feel like all these bathing suits are cheeky these days. ( Anyone else notice this?)

I hope you will check out Obé in the Appstore or online and share your thoughts with me if you try it. I am always looking for accountability partners and if you need someone to push you to work out-- I am here for you!

Happy Sweating!

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