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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new little blog Savvy & A Side Part  my name is Rachel.  I previously blogged in high school and really loved the creative outlet it gave me, however I have changed my style and outlook since then so it was time to re-brand and up my blogging game. Of course you are reading this and probably thinking..."woohoo another twenty something chick typing away on her computer thinking what she has to say is important"  Well I have lots to say about this, but mostly, I want to be different. I don't want to be that perfectly filtered influence/blogger who has everything put together and posts the same things 20 other people do. I want to show you a glimpse into my life as I try to figure it all out. I'm a self made woman, I don't have a huge salary nor do I have the help of those that do. Things I  buy/make/etc. are things I feel are worth investing in or doing- when I don't have much time or money to do so- and I hope that will have an impact.

Now, as far as my name sake, I wanted something with alliteration (I'm weird like that) and I wanted something that reflected my future blog content..also I have a side part... So Savvy & A Side Part was born.

Here's what I plan to highlight:

1. Fashion- I am a shopaholic.. on a budget, but I do believe in investing in good pieces that last a long time- but usually, I wait for those to go on sale. I hope to post about good sales and fab finds. Join my #SavvySquad

2. DIY- I am a lady who loves a power-drill and some spray paint. Also I think restoring/building something is so much more rewarding that just purchasing it in the store.

3. Beauty- I'm no makeup expert but I do have crazy dark circles I try to cover and I love a good self tanner. Join me as I try to find great products that actually make a difference.

4. Life- The most ambiguous category. Lets journey together as I reminisce on all aspects- Relationships, Careers, Life Advice etc... Who knows.. I'm just winging this.

I hope you will enjoy reading and tagging along on my journey!

-Lots of Love,

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