High School Graduation Gift Guide

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I can't believe it's May!!!! "Insert Justin Timberlake Meme here" this time of year has me very nostalgic about graduation from both high school and college. Because of this,  I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts and purchases I received/bought before heading to college. If you are headed to a graduation party check out these items below for inspiration.

1) Monogram Duffel
This is something my mom purchased for me the Christmas after I started college, and let me tell you.. I still use it all the time. Its the perfect size for a long weekend! "If its not moving, monogram it"

2) Monogram Towels
Another Monogram Item-This was one of my favorite graduation gifts and one that I plan to give any future high school graduates- a monogrammed towel in their school colors. One of my classmates purchased this for me, and I thought it was so clever and  so unique. Make sure that you pick  a pretty color for the towel and use the spirit colors for the embroidery!

This is my mom'g go-to graduation present. A Tervis with their school logo and colors filled with gift cards. Its clever, useful, and simple, and everyone has been extremely grateful!

4)Hunter Boots
My biggest advice to college freshmen is INVEST IN GOOD RAIN-BOOTS. I had cheap ones my freshmen year and ...SURPRISE.. they got a hole, and nobody has time for soggy socks. My Hunters were the the best investment in my college wardrobe. Now... if you live somewhere where it doesn't rain a ton..maybe not the best, but I think this is such a great gift for someone you want to spoil!

5) Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace
Now I love my Kendra, and this piece is a staple- especially in the South. I've seen lots of people create custom pieces at Kendra in School Colors- my advice here, go with something neutral that they can wear all the time- like an opal, a drusy, or even just the plain filagree.

Shop this post below by clicking the images! I hope you find a great gift for your graduate!

Lots of love,

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